Tuesday, 14 May 2013

W40K Cosplay

In the last couple of weeks I have discovered in the Net some examples of people/groups that have created real size space marine suits.

The first one is a stunning Imperial Fist Terminator from the Roses & Boltshells team.
Here you have their FB page and tons of pics.

The second example, that I just discovered this morning, is an incredible Blood Angel MK7 Space Marine Suit. In the page linked you can find also some amazing videos and many photos.

I was not aware of this kind of activities, specially when it comes to building such monstrosities in 1/1 scale. The time invested to build this must be tremendous!
I got used to paint models around sixty times smaller that these so I don't know if a 000 brush will be suitable to paint them... :-)

P.S. If you enter the Costume Gallery section of the Obscurus Crusade forum you will find some nice examples (i.e. a Sister of Battle).



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  1. El Sangriento es el que vamos a poner nosotros luego, se vio en Goteborg!

    Y cuando veas el video... tiene hasta los sonidos!!