Sunday, 21 April 2013

And the Crystal Brush 2013 winner is...

...Jeremie Bonamant!!!

Congratulations Jeremie!
Very well deserved and an amazing piece of work!

Below you have the link to the pictures of the Best of Show

Also I attach the link to the Crystal Brush site where you can see the three winners.
Congrats also to Kike (Emuse) and Raffaele as well!

I want to congratulate as well Dieguete and Marc Masclans for the marvelous entry they prepared
Too bad you did not make it to the Top 3 :-(
Anyway you were third in the most difficult of the categories (Diorama)!
I wish you the best for next year!

And last but not least the galleries with all the entries to the contest (I have counted a total of 217 entries)

In summary, congratulations to the winners and the rest of the participants!!!
... I think I will have to save some money for next year... :-)


1 comment:

  1. Sinceramente, para mí el BoS era para Raffaele... Brutal ese gigante!

    Pero tanto las obras de Jeremie como la de Emuse o la de Masclans con Diego eran igual de buenas...

    Aún así... éste año el nivel no ha sido tan alto no? Quiero decir, salvo esas miniaturas y quizás alguna más (la de Matt), no ha habido nada tan tan destacado