Monday, 3 February 2014

Orc Face SbS Process

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I uploaded in my Facebook Page the following Step by Step and I have to say that it had a huge acceptance and success (in fact I received 150 likes in the next 12 hours!). I am really surprised and I can only say THANK YOU!

So I have decided to prepare a small article about such process.

The figure itself is a 3up model of an old GW orc head.
When sculpting miniatures that will be released in plastic, the GW sculptors model them in a scale three times bigger than normal (in order to ensure that there will not be any deep and curved areas, avoiding the steel mould to break the plastic mini in the creation process). This pieces are not released or put for sale.

Several years ago (when I worked for GW) someone gave me this piece as a present as it was a bit faulty (a huge air bubble in the helmet -surprise!-). And last month I discovered it in my bit box and I decided that I wanted to paint it.
It was a perfect opportunity to use the airbrush in something different than clothes.

I wanted to create a realistic orc face full of contrast so I decided to prime the model with the complementary of the green yellowy color of the orcs: magenta.

Below you can find all the steps used:
Step 1: First I airbrushed the model with Warlock Purple (Citadel). Yes, Warlock Purple... 
Step 2: On top of the purple primer I airbrushed a thin layer of Burnt Cadmium Red (Vallejo) + Catachan Green (C) + Dark Blue Sea (V). To mark the shades.
Step 3: To define the base color I airbrushed again with Catachan Green (C).
Step 4 (The most complex Step):

  • 4a: To define the highlights I applied (with the airbrush) a thin layer of Zamesi Desert (C) + Catachan Green (C), and afterwards I added a bit of Light Flesh (V) to the mix.
  • 4b: Still with the airbrush I applied two kind of midtones: one with Snakebite Leather (C) to bring color and life to the face, and another one with Red Gore (C) in the lips, nose and around the eyes to define such areas. In both cases the paint was extremely diluted to deliver a glazing effect.
Step 5: Here I started with the brush strokes (finally) defining some areas with the same colors mentioned above, and accentuating the contrast between shades and highlights
Step 6: Final touches adding some gloss and satin varnish and painting the teeth. 

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it.
Very soon I will start painting the helmet and I'll prepare another tutorial.

Many thanks!



  1. Thank you very much for this, I think I will use this style on Sharge from scale 75.
    Also last year when I found CMON, Ulrik the slayer was one for the motivations to start painting :)
    Muchos gracias.

    1. Many thanks for your king words, Theren.
      I hope you find this process useful. :-)
      Muchas gracias to you too!

  2. Impressive...

    Want to see more on this orc, David!

  3. It´s great job. Congratulations !!